My wife and I worked with Andi to coordinate our wedding. Andi provided tons of help, keeping us on task to make sure we had everything complete leading up to our wedding. Andi was always available via email outside of our meeting times and text/phone if absolutely necessary. When it came time for our wedding day, Andi had our schedule down to every 5/10 minutes and we knocked it out of the park. Meghann was on hand the day off, which helped ease our stress before our ceremony. Would recommend to anyone looking for a coordinator/planner!
— Andrew, Groom
These two girls are the best! In every single way, they made my planning fun and what seemed almost effortless on my end. They were honest and caring and precise. Having both girls was truly a blessing, I was able to get their perspective and guidance on every big decision. My wedding was in August of 2016 and I was so particular about the whole day “ flowing” the right way for guests ... I wanted everyone to feel like the whole day was dreamy and whimsical; Andi and Meghan created just that. I am so thankful for their professionalism and fun personalities !! I would hire these ladies over and over again !!
— Sadi, Bride
I really appreciated their leadership regarding who needs to stand where and when, and those kind of small but important details. It was clearly apparent that they put a lot of thought and planning into figuring out exactly how things would work. There were even a few things on my list I forgot to take care of but they graciously stepped in and picked up my slack. The big day went off very smoothly and they were both calm and professional during the process. They kept the program moving on schedule, but I didn’t feel rushed around, which I really appreciated. My experience was that my bride and myself, and all our guests, were in very good hands. Andi and Meghann had this way of graciously taking care of stuff in this wonderfully seamless way. In fact the wedding had this magical feel to it. That might sounds a bit weird coming from the groom, but that’s really how it felt.
— Clark, Groom
Bowties & Bubbly Events helped me create and actualize my dream wedding. In fact, my wedding turned out better than I could have ever have imagined. I worked with Andi and she truly was my wedding angel. I was so stressed out trying to plan it until Andi came on board to help me. She listened to and remembered every detail that I told her was important to me during our planning sessions. Right away she understood the kind of day that I wanted to create and was able to make sure that every intention was actualized. Incredibly detail oriented, thorough and just plan fun, Andi made sure that I could completely relax and enjoy being the bride as she gently guided me through the day while gracefully coordinating our many vendors and guests. From providing creative and resourceful decorating ideas to giving me “homework” leading up the wedding to help me organize and not forget important tasks, Andi helped many personal touches come together to create a unique and unforgettable day for us and for our guests. I will forever be grateful to Andi for the phenomenal job that she did. Without a doubt, my wedding was the happiest day of my life and I owe so much of that joy to Andi and to Bowtie & Bubbly Events.
— Cordelia, Bride
Andi and Meg were the perfect wedding duo you could ever ask for! They were so much fun and amazing to work with! Friends of mine have also had their weddings coordinated by Andi and Meg and I would hands down recommend them to anyone looking for a coordinator. Andi kept me on track all the months leading up to the wedding; timeline, goals, being realistic... Andi was more than I could ever ask for in a coordinator! When it came to my wedding day, I truly left at ease knowing Andi and Meg had everything under control the night ran so smoothly and my husband and I were truly able to enjoy every second of our wedding. We love them so much and would recommend them to anyone looking for an organized, hardworking, and fun wedding coordinator!
— Jerika, Bride
Andi was an essential part of planning our wedding. We planned the wedding in less than two months, and I could not have pulled it off without her. Andi coordinated between our separate ceremony and reception venues and all the other vendors. Meghann and Andi had everything under control the day of the wedding so I could completely enjoy the day. Thank you both!!
— Amy, Bride
Andi from Bowties & Bubbly Events is AMAZING!!! I immediately knew working with her was going to be a breeze. Her management and planning skills as a cordinator were always on point. She was a ton of help to me when it came to contacting the venue for details and following-up with the bride on last minute reminders. I was completely impressed with her service as a cordinator. She always got back to me in a timely fashion. She even offered to bring a hose to the venue for me to use for my flowers because the venue didn’t provide one. At the wedding she was always to be found ready to answer any questions or assist in anyway needed which is extremely helpful because some cordinators don’t do anything the day of the actual wedding. I loved working with her and can’t wait to again in the near future.
— Allen, Owner of Picture Perfect Petals
Andi made our wedding day run as smooth as possible. With so many moving parts, she thought about every little thing and anticipated incidents that we would have never thought about on our own. She kept us on track with monthly check ins and tasks. Wedding planning can be very overwhelming and consuming, but Andi always made sure we stayed focused on getting one thing done at a time. She was always available by e-mail, text, phone calls, and in-person for questions and periodic check ins. She also helped us find a bartender, when our original bartender flaked out on us somewhat at the last minute. Another great thing was being able hand off the vendor coordination/contact a month before the wedding! The last thing you want to do in that last month is deal with texts/emails/calls from your vendors asking you what’s going on. That service, alone, was worth it to us. Our wedding venue provided very minimal day-of coordination, so having Andi around day-of was key. We highly recommend Andi to anyone looking for a wedding coordinator/planner in the Bay Area and beyond!
— Lillian, Bride